Do you have a horse loading problem or would you just like to train your horse to walk onto the horse float or horse trailer cooperatively and politely?

Kim, Mackay Qld “Hi Norm, I purchased your horse loading DVD set and have watched the first disk and a half. Even after just watching that amount I decided to try my big thoroughbred mare, and to my complete shock she went pretty much straight on. She has been refusing to float for the past few attempts; however I think she can feel my confidence and patience now. And I must have her fooled that I know what I'm doing! She now stands patiently in there, and I could even go and have lunch if I liked and she'd still stand in there with no hesitations. Thanks, Kim

Shauna – Wyong NSW “Good afternoon Norm, I have watched all three Float Loading DVD's and the gaps in training my horse have been filled by your thorough explanation and demonstrations. Thank you for the opportunity to gain further knowledge. As a mature person who travels alone, competes alone, does it all alone, identifying what was going wrong has now been explained. Once again gratitude and thanks, Shauna”

Lauren, Sarsfield Vic “Hi Norm, Your DVD's are fantastic, thank you! My daughter and I have one of our young horses floating now very excited about that.”

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We understand your situation
Horse problems associated with horse floats, trailers and trucks are a very common equestrian problem. In fact, we reckon it could be the most prevalent problem.

Anyway, we understand how frustrating, dangerous and sickening it can be to have a horse that will not load, especially when you are wanting to leave to attend a horse show or other horse competition.

New Horse Loading DVD training series

check out this intro video clip

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The horse loading training is in a set of 3 dvd's and of course, personal tuition is always available.

In the dvd set, you will see three horses trained in three complete training sessions, from start to finish.

Seeing three (in fact four, we slipped in an extra) horses with different personalities and problems will give you a very good lesson in how to train your own horse(s) in readiness for horse loading.

Check out these women who have used the
horse loading DVD set to retrain their horses

Bonus Exercises
There are two very important ground control exercises also taught in the DVD series. Whilst these are used in conjunction with horse loading, they are also very good for all horse handling and preparation; before you ride or when you are at a show or competition, before mounting.

Norm explains more and demonstrates a snippet in this video clip
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The training is suitable for:-

  • Straight Loading Horse Floats and Trailers
  • Angle or Side Loaders
  • Horse Trucks

Also suitable for:-

  • Young halter-broke horses ready for first loading
  • Experienced horses that are being lead on
  • Solving loading and travelling problems

Problems that can be solved

  • Backing away
  • Rearing, Bucking
  • Rude pushy behaviour
  • Refusing to move forward
  • Turning away and running off
  • Rushing out or unloading too quickly
  • All types of loading resistance
  • Scrambling and unsettled travellers

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Make sure you see the smartest way to tie up in the float

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horse float loading DVD

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