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3 Part On-Line Horse Training Video Series

Amaze yourself and your horse!
Learn how to train your horse to self-load willingly!

Can Your Horse Load Like This?

See these examples of retrained horses

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What the 3 x On-Line Video Training
Will Teach You

  • 3 Full Live Training Sessions - see three horses fully trained from start to finish. Nothing is left out. Clear precise explanations and live demonstrations. You see it all.
  • Learn the 12 Resistant Behaviours and How to Overcome Each One - if you wrote them down, you could probably compile the list of 12. However, knowing what to do to handle these behaviours is the key. You will learn exactly what they are, what to do and how to handle your horse.
  • How To Build Confidence and Competence In Your Horse - to load successfully, every horse needs both confidence and competence. This training system shows you exactly how to achieve that.
  • Your Skill and Confidence Will Soar - your horse is not a robot. So you need a clear understanding of why, what and when. This knowledge and practical know-how will power up both your skill and competence.
  • You Will Be the Leader Your Horse is Looking For - Horses crave good leadership. The horse that demonstrates this to its paddock mates becomes the leader. In order for your horse to trust and respond to you, you must show consistent, clear, precise leadership. Then, you will be amazed at the change in your horse. This video set will show you how that can easily be achieved.

All float loading problems can be fixed

Learn why this training works and what and how to teach your horse. 
You will build your horse's and your own confidence and competence. 

Series 1 with Che  - 80 Mins Viewing

One those tough little Welsh ponies, very naughty for her owner. See how quickly the changes are made. Leading manners were also required as Shea was used to being pushy.

Series 2 with Bella  -  93 Mins Viewing

Bella was throwing her head up into the roof of the float and doing a lot of pulling-back. It is a reaction to the ramp but through the training she learned to cope and get past her fear.

Series 3 with BJ  -  111 Mins Viewing

BJ was a chronic rearer. The owner had been avoiding any head pressure, as BJ's response was to rear. Finally and thankfully, BJ found a new way to respond.

    PLUS More :-

  • Introduction to Horse Loading  - 21 Mins Viewing where Norm explains the principles behind the training
  • Bonus Training  - 76 Mins Viewing where Norm provides an update to the training

See the special page dedicated to women who have trained their horses using this video series.
We tell you these stories to inspire other women, as many believe they could not possibly solve their own float loading horse problem.
However, when the techniques are applied as shown on the On-Line Horse Loading Video Series, success is available to all!

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$97 AUD
Get immediate access to the videos

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Horse Problems, Horsemanship Training, Loading Difficult Horses

To Willing Loader

Loading Difficult Horses

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Float Loading Problem Horses

To Accepting Loader

  • Learn how to train your horse to walk on and stand calmly
  • See 3 different horses and their problems fixed
  • Learn the 12 resistant behaviours and how to overcome each one
  • Become confident and competent
  • Your horse will love the 'new you'

Here are just a few stories from clients who have learned to train their own horses

Horse99lover Can i just say... Thank you so much!! Just by following your easy steps and advice, I have been able to get my horse self-loading, coming from not even being able to walk near a float, let alone get on one. She has always had major issues with floating, and many people (trainers included) have used force, or gadgets to get her on....which I hated. These methods were a quick solution, and she was back to square one the next attempt.  Thanks again! 

Ronnie HuntHi Norm, I used your technique exactly for a horse we have acquired recently who has always been trucked rather than floated. Worked a charm. Went from up to 50 minutes of stress to load to an immediate 15 mins to STRAIGHT ON after Pony Club rally yesterday. Thank you. You are the master. Love the sitting on the mud guard and relax and direct part. It worked beautifully!!! Thank you!!!!! 

S. Michaels - Wow, that was a lot of viewing but so glad I got the DVD's. You are an awesome teacher and so clear with your instructions. The horses really appreciate your patience and clear signals. My horse always led me on a merry dance but I did the 'clean up your room' and OMG, what a difference with just a couple of minutes. Jackson, my horse, now treats me much nicer and we get along stress free. Thanks again for your training. Wonderful!

Click this link to read more horse training client stories

Order the On-line Video Training Now

$97 AUD
Get immediate access to the videos

Once the float training is handled, you can sit back and relax!

Order the On-line Video Training Now

$97 AUD
Get immediate access to the videos


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