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With our holistic approach to horses, horse problems can be fixed

horse problems fixed
What is your horse problem?
holistic horsemanship for horse problems

Our Holistic Approach
Muscles, Diet, Saddle, Hoof, Teeth, Mind, Competence!

Achieving Wellbeing is the objective.
Wellbeing is defined as a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. It is not just one thing. It is all parts complimenting each other.

We recommend everyone implement the holistic approach to get the best out of their horse and promote wellbeing. However, it is your call as to what you do.

to Fixing Horse Problems

Here is a little more explanation but we will expand on these things much more when we discuss training

  • ASSESSMENT - we start with the holistic view and first thing is first. Many horse problems are caused by pain or unbalanced diets. We will discuss your horse and see if there are any gaps in your horse's wellbeing.
  • MUSCLES - if your horse has any discomfort, it can easily be the cause of unwanted behaviour, so it is best we fix that first with Emmett Therapy. You can read more about that at Advanced Equine Muscle Therapy.
  • DIET - Even if you do your best through the local product store, most horse's suffer unbalanced diets. Our qualified horse dietician will quickly take the guess-work out of the equation and sort this out for you. The turn-around in wellbeing is often outstanding. Changes in a horse's demeanour and performance, a very common.
  • SADDLE FIT - oh boy, this is a great subject. The amount of ill-fitting saddles we encounter is breath-taking. It is hard to get a good saddle fitter. Our saddle fitter around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia is excellent. If you live outside of the service area, you will need to find someone competent.
  • HOOFS and TEETH - not a big subject to discuss as we know most horse owners are doing their best to have a good farrier and dentist attend to their horse; and it can be difficult to assess the workmanship. Nevertheless, it is a part of the overall wellbeing system so we mention it on that basis. One thing is for sure, consistent, good workmanship is essential.
  • MIND - this is a massive subject. To simplify things, stimulating the horse's mind with appropriate variety of activities, not just dressage-dressage-dressage, is important. Also, precise, clear messages keep the horse's mind at ease and reduces stress. Our training system provides plenty of mind stimulation, plus clear messages and other aspects that we discuss throughout our training.
  • COMPETENCE - like ourselves, when we feel competent, things are much more enjoyable and less stressful. Our training emphasises competency of both handler and horse. The handler must also be competent in order to train the horse and fix or correct, horse problems. Pretty simple idea but not very common out there in practice but you can learn what and how to do it.
horse problems - problem horses
Your horse is not a robot!

Most people are so unprepared for unwanted behaviour that in effect, they are asking their horse to be a robot.

Then, when things go wrong, they blame the horse, as if it has done something wrong.

OK it may not be the behaviour you want but that doesn't make it wrong.

Perhaps it is the only way your horse can get your attention, to let you know he needs some help with something?

Anyway, being 'aware' will be half the battle as you see things that are outside of his state of WELLBEING.

The training we offer will create the required awareness.

Visit these links, which are the Mind and Competency part of the Wellbeing circle and problem horse solution

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