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Delivery Time: All goods purchased from this website will be shipped within 10 days of funds being cleared by our bank. Delivery time by Australia Post will be at standard mail delivery times.

Privacy Policy: your personal information will only be used for the processing of your orders. We do not use your information for any other purpose and will not pass your information to any third parties. 

Copyright and Permission to Use: Videos and Training information are provided to you for your use only.

As you have outlaid your hard-earned money, other friends who wish to train their horse should be encouraged to make an investment in themselves, by purchasing their own. 

It would be a shame for them to be sponging on your good sense and commitment to improving your horsemanship skills.  And of course, by sponging on you, it is a demonstration of their lack of commitment. So please encourage them to be as dedicated as you are!

Copyright breaches will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

TRAINING DISCLAIMER:  Horse handling and riding is an inherent risk.

Use of any training or goods whether sold or promoted on this website or delivered personally by Norm Glenn, constitutes an 'obvious risk' within the meaning of the Wrongs and Other Acts (Law of Negligence) Act 2003. 

Anyone using or participating (users) in any training or goods promoted in this website or by personal instruction (the training), is aware of the risk associated with horse handling and horse riding generally and voluntarily assumes that risk.

Therefore, 'users' before use of the training or goods, must agree to unconditional release of all liability for any claim for injury, death, loss or damage to property arising out of or in any way related to the training or goods;  and that the participant shall not bring any proceeding in any Court or Tribunal claiming damages for injury, death, loss or damage to property whatsoever against the Norm Glenn and further the user waives any right he/she may have to such damage and forever discharges Norm Glenn from any liability in respect to any such damage.

If the 'user' does not agree to these terms, they must not engage Norm Glenn or use any of the training or goods.


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