Kind, Safe, Fast and Practical Horse Training for You!

Got a horse problem or want to improve your horsemanship
or natural horsemanship skills?

Be amazed and experience the joy, as you and your horse quickly change.

See your horse willingly choose to be a polite, cooperative partner, who works with you as your confidence soars!

  • No-nonsense, no-fear, no-pain, patient horse training
  • Horse problems corrected
  • Maximise safety, control, competence and confidence
  • Be amazed at how quickly you and your horse can change
  • Develop a deeper understanding and mutual respect with your horse
  • Personal one-on-one training, group lessons or clinics

Welcome from Norm Glenn

You can take advantage of my service to help you turn your horse partnership dreams into reality.

You will learn a practical, user-friendly, approach to horse training, for adults and children. And, the difference between Horsemanship and Natural Horsemanship.

How far you want to go is your decision. You and your horse may only need one lesson to make the difference you are looking for! 

See the video example. It is not necessary to have a round yard but if you do, it adds an interesting dimension to horse training.

Get changes happening quickly

It is a myth that training a horse takes a long time. Ok, perfection might but not the foundation levels.

You will quickly learn how to establish a polite, cooperative partner who works with you.

Learn how to be safe, whilst repairing and developing a new relationship with your horse, much faster than you ever thought possible.

See the video example with 'Before' and then 'After' 1 hr 35 mins of training for this troubled horse loader.

  • Have you lost control of your horse or have a horse problem?
  • Do you need to build your confidence and competence?
  • Do you want to create willing cooperation from your horse?
  • Are you wanting to build your horsemanship skills?

You will immediately learn new skills to empower you

horse training to increase your horsemanship skills including groundwork and horse riding lessons with About Australia Horsemanship and Norm Glenn


Your Confidence Will Soar

You will also understand the 'why', not just the 'how', which will deepen your experience and skill.
You will achieve confidence and competence with real know-how and precision. 


From Groundwork to Riding

There is a big emphasis on transferring groundwork into riding, so it is easy for you and your horse to understand when you are mounted.


Complete Horsemanship

This is a holistic horsemanship approach, which is leading the way in the horse training world for the body, mind and spirit of both horse and rider.

horse training with Norm Glenn

You can transform your equine experience

The first 2 hour lesson, is guaranteed to empower you immediately, with both skill and confidence.

This will happen in a way you never thought possible and make instant, welcome changes, in your horse.

Many clients need only one or two lessons, to make the changes they want. Others decide to proceed further and explore the possibilities available with their equine partner.

Whichever, you will be amazed at how fast you can learn with this easy- to-learn system.

This is for both you and your horse.

How far you decide to delve into good horsemanship is your decision.

Read some horsemanship stories from owners who have been before you.

Understand the difference between horsemanship training and natural horsemanship and blow away the myths.

Horsemanship ground work exercises at About Australia Horsemanship with Norm Glenn

Ground Work

Learning to have the horse yield and respond to your requests, is key to safety on the ground and preparing to ride

Desensitising your horse. Creating a bomb proof horse. Teaching a spooky horse at About Australia Horsemanship with Norm Glenn

Spook Control

You can never ask your horse to be unafraid but you can teach him/her to control its fear.
This is essential for your own safety

Horse riding for control and safet at About Australia Horsemanship with Norm Glenn

Riding for Control

It is wise to learn what to do, should your horse get out of control. We teach this first. Then we move on to other vital priorities

Horse training in the round yard or round pen at About Australia Horsemanship with Norm Glenn

Round Yard Play

You do not need a round yard, we teach you what to do with or without. However, if you have one, there is a lot of fun to be had

horse float training or retraining at About Australia Horsemanship with Norm Glenn

Float Training

Learn why it is best practice to train your horse to walk on by itself. Even if your horse already loads. There are significant benefits

Equine massgae, horse massage, emmett technique, emmett therapy, emmett practitioner

Horse Massage

This is more than horse massage. The Emmett Technique is a neuromuscular therapy that will set up the correction of muscles and spine

The Safe Clip for Tying Up Horses at About Australia Horsemanship with Norm Glenn

The Safe Clip

Safety is your number one priority. The Safe Clip is the smartest and most flexible way of tying up your horse. Great for hay nets too

Softest Horse Bits Worldwide at About Australia Horsemanship with Norm Glenn

Softest Horse Bits

There is nothing harsh about a horse bit used properly. Even better, when a WTP Bit is used. The the kindest horse bit world-wide

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