Horses are often very concerned about the float ramp. Slipping destroys their confidence. Horses sometimes will not go into a float because they are worried about coming out!

It is essential to provide a true non-slip surface. The only truly non-slip ramp I have ever seen is as pictured below. Rubber nodules/lugs face up making it non-slip. Many people tell me that their ramp is non-slip and that is often true when dry. However, once wet or pooped on, their ramp becomes slippery. Not so with the ramp below, it is non-slip regardless of the weather or poop.

Very secure flor loading and when the horse is reversing out.

Non-Slip Ramp Challenge - If you have a truly non-slip ramp that stands up under the effects of water and poop, please make a video, post on YouTube and send me the link. The video will need to show a wet surface to convince me.

Inside the float - this is optional but the mats can face down for a very comfy ride!

The mat size is 1.2 metre x 0.9m and is screwed onto the ramp. The mat is 20mm thick approx comprised of base of the mat approx 13mm plus the lugs 7mm approx.

The mats can be cut to the shape you require

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