Horses are often very concerned about the float ramp. Slipping destroys their confidence. Horses sometimes will not go into a float because they are worried about coming out!

It is essential to provide a true non-slip surface.

There are only two, truly non-slip ramp mats I have ever seen as pictured below.

Both are stable mats, flipped over, with the rubber nodules/lugs face up making it non-slip.

Many people tell me that their ramp is non-slip and that is often true when dry. However, once wet or pooped on, their ramp becomes slippery. Not so with the maps below, it is non-slip regardless of the weather or poop. Importantly, they create security for the horse when loading and when backing out.

I personally use the Fieldguard. When I first got it, people told me the horse wouldn't walk on it but I have never had a horse refuse to walk on it.

My first preference is the M2 mat from in UK

The second mat, is the SureFoot® Mat available from in Australia

Non-Slip Ramp Challenge - If you have a truly non-slip ramp that stands up under the effects of water and poop, please make a video, post on YouTube and send me the link. The video will need to show a wet poopy surface to convince me.

Inside the float - this is optional but the mats can face down for a very comfy ride!


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