Horse Riding Lessons for Control and Confidence

new, experienced or nervous? 

horse riding lessons - who is in control

Do You Want to Ride Safely and Confidently? 
Learning how to control your horse is extremely important.

However, what does 'control' mean. It is not just about go, turn and stop. 

It is importantly, knowing the SRS riding system.

SRS Horse Riding System

Most riders never learn SRS or if they do, it is usually too late,
after some unnecessary riding accident through loss of control.
Get Started, Learn the SRS Riding System Now!

  • Build Confidence and Control - the first thing every horse rider should know: - what to do and how to control your horse, when it acts unsafely or tries to take control and how to get it cooperating! 
  • Independent Seat Development - this means you will become stable and balanced in the saddle and then, bareback if you choose to do that.
  • Create Softness and Suppleness - understanding and learning the principles of creating a soft, supple horse and how to train for it.

SRS is Easy and Fast to Learn!

You will be amazed at how quickly you can learn this system.

One or two lessons will get you going at the basic level, which is all many riders need.

The basic level will get you handling and coping with your horse confidently, safely, without resistance and strategies to practice at your leisure.

If you are already a rider with some experience, you will get through it faster.

horse riding - who is in control

"What to do in an emergency!"

Whether that be bolting, rearing, bucking, or some other frightening situation, every rider should know SRS and every instructor should teach this.

The sad truth is, very few instructors know and very few riders get trained, on why and what to do, to take back control, when most at risk.

Here is the Biggest and Most Terrifying Irony in the Horse Industry

Considering 'safety' is preached by so many, it is amazing that the basic level of SRS, or similar, is rarely taught.

You would logically expect that this would be wide-spread knowledge. That teaching it, as the first thing to learn on a horse's back, would be common-place but it is not.

SRS or similar, is not taught at pony club or adult-riders, unless an SRS specialist like Norm Glenn is invited along to teach.

horse riding lessons with Norm Glenn
teaching soft collection with norm glenn
horse riding lessons with norm glenn

SRS Riding System Explained

SRS means Safety-Response and Suppleness

It is a step by step system taught to all of our riding students so they know: -

The Result will be    You = Wow!

  • Prepare your horse before mounting for emotional control
  • Manage and Control any horse, easily and instantly, if experiencing unsafe horse behaviour
  • Build an independent seat easily
  • Create softness and suppleness in your horse
horse riding lessons with Norm Glenn
teaching soft collection with norm glenn
horse riding lessons with norm glenn

You will learn the SRS principles of 'Suppleness and Advanced-Softness'

To make a big difference, you don't have to go this far but for those who want to seek perfection, the advanced-softness phase is an awesome riding experience and will help your horse immensely.

Your horse can learn to relax and self-collect.

Your horse can use the correct muscles and build strength and suppleness which is the main reason for developing this aspect of riding. 

  • Self-Collection - You will learn how to have the horse willingly break-at-the-poll, bring its hind quarters and rear legs closer to its front and lift its back, without constant contact with the rein and bit on its mouth.
  • Supple Turning - without leg aides, other than squeezing to go forward, the horse will bend and flex its body through each turn, from nose to hip.
  • Shoulder Movement and Flexibility - again without leg aides, having the horse move sideways, simulating positions on a clock such as, 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock etc. This is done with only one rein!
horse riding lessons

When you learn the SRS Riding System, you will quickly become confident and skilled. Your horse will be calmer and more responsive too.

No matter how far you want to take your horse-riding skills, you will be way more advanced and confident, after just one riding lesson.

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