Do you have a horse float or horse trailer problem?

We can fix the problem, usually in one session of float training. We will also teach you how to avoid horse problems associated with horse loading and maintain the training.

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We were called in to train these horses. Although both are riding horses, one in particular had severe rearing problems whenever it neared the horse float. Three hours later the horse was walking onto the float like a dream. The second horse soon cooperated and both were trained to load with one handler.

Horse Loading Training and DVD Series
You will see 3 problem loaders fully retrained from start to finish. Discover how to train your horse to walk onto a horse float or horse trailer calmly and confidently.

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Your horse can be trained to walk on the float calmly and responsively, without causing you any anxiety.

If you read some of the horse loading problems and our client experiences. You will see that there have been some extreme cases turned around to create a cooperative and polite attitude from the horse.

Below are some pictures of how easy float loading can be -

float loading float problem solved

easy float loading horse float training horse floating problem solved


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The smartest way to tie up in the float

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